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Social Enterprise

In many communities there is an urgent need for regular work and whilst a small business may be a way forward, not everyone will either want to take the risk of starting something for themselves, or may not have the entrepreneurial skills to give it the best chance of success.

In some communities a local church or NGO has begun a social enterprise in order to create employment for a wider group of people.

If you, your Church, or NGO are interested in exploring this way of helping to create jobs, then we are gathering people with some experience in this area to begin a dialogue. Click here for more information.

How does it work

We would arrange a series of initial small group, zoom calls. The first call would be about getting to know one another and to learn about your situation and to hear about the business you are currently running or would like to begin.

The second zoom call would be “going deeper” and trying to deal with some specific issues.

On this second call we would do a “walk around” on camera of a developing social enterprise.

What Next

At the conference in May we will establish a specific workshop for people who have been through the zoom meetings in order to begin to go deeper still and provide practical guidance and discussion groups.

On Site Visits

For those who are really keen to “get started” we will set up an on site visit where you can visit a functioning social enterprise in the Balkans and meet some of the staff and have time for detailed questions and advice.

We can then (where appropriate) arrange a visit to your community, to see the resources that you have available and to discuss your idea and its implementation in more detail.


It is not easy to begin this kind of journey on your own. We know because we have done it.

We are able to provide a limited number of mentoring opportunities where we can connect you to people who have been on this journey for a while who will make themselves available via zoom for a series of monthly calls.