transforming lives through business


Many people are poor or marginalized because they don’t have the education or skills required to access formal employment opportunities. We believe that entrepreneurship is a crucial part of the solution to poverty alleviation, job creation, and economic growth as it empowers people to start their own income-generating small businesses, enabling the transformation of individual lives and whole communities.


We have named it Epic Journey and the theme is going on a business trip and learning what you need to start and run your own business. We have kept the style of learning to be analog and interactive, using workshops and case studies, exercises, and teamwork for the trainees to learn in a way that is fresh and fun.

We provide business training in local community venues and ongoing coaching as the graduates start their own businesses. This unique training experience is used to reach poverty-stricken communities so that they can grasp the basics of business.

Through the interactive and experience-based EPIC JOURNEY, trainees experience real market conditions in the training room with the following learning areas and outcomes:

DAY 1 – Different Types of Businesses; Business Cycle; Budgeting; Types of expenses

DAY 2 – Managing Cash Flow; Basic Record-keeping; Debt and Interest; Gross and Net Profit; Re-investing profit

DAY 3 – Understanding the Marketplace; Product, Price and Profit; Managing Risk