Albert Durko

I was born in a small town in East Hungary as the 5th child of 7 in a Christian family. My parents were the pioneers of Pentecostal Gypsy Mission in our town and when I became a young adult I also joined that work. I was organizing the children’s and youth mission at the Gypsy area for years. I also got to know my wife there and we got married in 1989. We have 5 children and 2 of them are already married, the others are still studying at school.

I was ordained as a pastor in 1991 and after 5 years of pastoral work the Church leadership assigned me to organize and lead the national Gypsy mission work what I have been doing ever since. Our Mission is quite large, we became one of the largest organizations applying for mission, social, educational, research and EU funds in the country.

My vision is that Gypsy people will become the flag bearers and primary conveyors of revival used by God in all Europe, because God enjoys to make them from last ones to become first ones.

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