Roma Networks


Roma Networks (RN) is a cooperative platform inspired by the desire to see transformation in Roma communities throughout Europe. Established in 2014, RN is a grassroots movement facilitated by six volunteer committee members from Finland, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria.


Vision and Mission

Roma Network’s vision is to network, connect, and research for the sake of sharing the gospel and seeing transformation in Roma communities throughout Europe.


In order to work toward this, the mission strategy involves several dimensions:

  1. Share the vision (with Roma leaders, non Roma leaders, local churches, organizations, movements, mission organizations, different denominations, EU government)
  2. Educate / Empower / Equip (Roma leaders, non-Roma leaders who are working among Roma, youth, church, movements)
  3. Encourage transformation and reconciliation  (in individuals, communities, and between Roma and non-Roma)
  4. Recruit local and global  missionaries (research mission field, train missionaries)
  5. Encourage (local churches, ministries, mission initiatives)


Strategic Goals for 2017-2019


  1. European country representative meeting: 2017

During the 2nd European Roma Conference in 2016,  we chose country representatives  for each country. In March of 2017,  we  had the 1st European  Country representative meeting. At the meeting, we decided that we will spend the next three years empowering grassroots ministries within their respective countries and establishing the platform for networking.

  • Southeast Europe (Serbia, BiH, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Montenegro, Slovenia)
  • Northern Europe (Ukraine, Belorussia, Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia)
  • Central Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Austria)


  1. European country representatives meeting: 2018

Every two years there will be a country representative meeting for all of Europe. These meetings  aim to strengthen relationships and to share experience and knowledge. The meetings will provide a platform for networking among grassroots ministries, organizations, and churches. Our hope is that these meetings will contribute to growing healthy partnerships across Europe.


  1. Education and empowerment of Roma leaders: 2017- 2019

In different regions, Roma leaders expressed the need for more education and training.  This felt need will be addressed in the 2018 regional country representative meetings.  Representatives will help strategize and plan future seminars/trainings in order to further empower and equip Roma leaders.


4.Networking/ Connecting (Western Europe ): 2017-2019

During the  last four years, we invested time in Northern and Central/Eastern/Southern Europe with the purpose of  researching, networking and empowering Roma ministries. In the next two years, we will focus on researching and connecting with Western European Roma ministries ( UK,Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium).



  1. 3rd European Roma Conference: 2019

European conferences will be held every three years. In general, the conference goals are networking and connecting, strengthening relationships and creating new ones. The main goal of the 3rd European Roma Conference will be to motivate and empower local churches to take action using the talents and gifts already existing in the Body of Christ.