Building God’s Kingdom Together!

This statement has been at our mind from beginning when we started to build up Roma Networks. We understood that challenge which we are facing in Roma ministry is so big that we can’t do it alone. In our logo has many meanings that opens this statement. At First there are three persons which is symbolising Gods trinity. At the beginning of the Bible we can read that God expressed himself in trinity in the midst of the creation. At the Second They are holding each others hand as a symbol of doing things together in connection with each others. We want communicate and create platform where we can exchange information and help each others in ministry.  At the third in the middle of the picture person has a wheel on the face. Wheel is taken from Roma flag, which is showing that Romas are in the middle. We want to help them to be lifted up and taking the position what God has planned them in this world to be blessings to other nations. Please join us to this amazing journey to see hidden revival happening most marginalised people group in Europe. God bless you!!

One thought on “Building God’s Kingdom Together!

  1. Very blessed ,simple and ispired statment Janne.God bless you and all the brothers in the network.
    Jannis(instead of Giannis or John) Papadopoulos


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